How to Find Clickbank Products that Sell 2019

Want to make money with Clickbank but not sure how to find the best products to promote?

In this video, I'll show you how to navigate Clickbank, how to find products that sell based on the statistics, and how to leverage the product's marketing assets so that you can make more sales.


What is Clickbank?

Clickbank is an online marketplace of digital products that you can sell to make money.

They have products for almost every niche imaginable, including health and fitness, dating, self-help, make money online, spirituality and more.

If you're unsure how affiliate marketing works, then I suggest ​checking out this post.

It's important to know that not all Clickbank products are products you SHOULD be promoting.

While there are a lot of great products on Clickbank, there are many that suck.

So you want to choose products that will genuinely add value to your audience.

Whenever I'm evaluating a product to promote, I run it through a 6-step checklist to make sure it's an offer that will serve my tribe.

I recommend choosing one product to promote at a time. Once you create a sales funnel to successfully promote that product, then you can layer in a 2nd product.

A mistake I made in the beginning was trying to promote too many products.

This led to me feeling overwhelmed, and it generated mediocre results.

Now, I create one funnel and tweak it until it works before starting on a new funnel.

You can steal my affiliate marketing funnel here.

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