How to Choose (The Right) Affiliate Products to Promote [6-Step Checklist]

In this video you'll discover how to choose the right affiliate products to promote so that you can make the most money (without burning trust with your audience).


Choosing the right affiliate products will make all the difference whether you build a thriving business with repeat customers who know, like, and trust you...

...or if you build a business with flash in the pan, one-night stand sales.

So in this video, I'll cover the 6 questions you should ask yourself to determine whether it's a good affiliate product or not.

The first question to ask yourself is "Will this product help your customer?"

Duh, right?

But amateur affiliate marketers have short-term vision and are more concerned with how much money the product will make them.

Professional affiliate marketers understand the lifetime value of a customer and only promote products they know will serve their tribe.

All it takes is promoting one bad product to burn trust.

The second question you should ask yourself is "Is this offer right for your niche?"

For example, if you were in the affiliate marketing niche, you wouldn't want to promote a network marketing offer, or coaching and consulting offer, or an offer about how to start a social media agency.

In other words, you wouldn't sell a course on long-distance running to a sprinter, even though they are both track athletes.

You also want to consider the skillets of the people on your niche.

It wouldn't make sense to promote a beginners course to an advanced student, and vice versa.

Pro tip: If you don't know where your audience is, simply ask them.

Ask them to reply to your email or fill out a survey (you can use Wufoo and Survey Monkey to create free surveys). If it's on social media, ask them to leave a comment.

The third question to ask when choosing affiliate products to promote is, "do you own the product, use the product, and believe in the product?"

When I first got started, I tried promoting an affiliate product I wasn't confident in.

Guess what? I made zero sales.

I had internal resistance that prevented me from selling with force because I didn't believe in the value of the product.

Now, I never sell anything I don't use in my own business or value myself.

So it's a product I don't own yet, I will buy it and get results with it before recommending it.

The fourth question to ask is, "Is the product owner reliable?"

If you promote a bad affiliate product to your tribe then they will not blame the product owner, they will blame you.

The fifth question to ask is, "Is this an evergreen affiliate marketing product or a product launch?"

A product launch usually lasts between 7-14 days and then you have to find another affiliate product to promote.

The concern with this is that you have to change your marketing assets each time you promote a new product.

That includes your sales funnels, your email sequences and your bonuses.

I like to promote evergreen affiliate products because they stand the test of time and I can create the marketing system once and leverage it for months if not years into the future.

The final question is, "Does this product pay enough to warrant investing time and money back into marketing it.

If an affiliate product isn't profitable, I won't promote it.

I want to choose affiliate products that will help me reinvest my advertising costs and buy back my time.

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