Affiliate Marketing Hotseat Training: 7-Figure Mentor Rips Apart My Funnel & Copywriting

If you want to fast-track your results with affiliate marketing, hire coaches and mentors.

In less than an hour, they can diagnose your business and tell you exactly what to change to amplify your results.

That's what happens in this video.

My 7-figure mentor, Mark Hoverson, dissects my marketing funnel and social media copy, and reveals his strategies for selling more affiliate products and info products.


The 4-Step Coaching Formula Mark Used to Build a 7-Figure Online Empire

  • Step 1: Learn a strategy
  • Step 2: Teach it others
  • Step 3: Other's use the strategy
  • Step 4: Focus on them getting results

If your students have success and move forward, then you become irrefutable.

Makes sense, right?

Then Mark asked me what did I do to spark this sudden streak of sales?

I told him I made a few changes to my marketing funnel and that's what created ALL the results.

Specifically, I added an application filter in my funnel and modified a few pages using the "sell the next click" technique (which we explain fully in the video).

At this point in the video, Mark pulls up my Facebook page and critique my most recent post.

This is my favorite part because he drops some incredible insight into the difference between long-form content (like blogging) and short-form content (like social media posts).

This is affiliate marketing mentorship at it's best.

The social media post he critiqued was promoting my email marketing guide blog post.

He said my copy was too stuffy, used language that eluded to "burdensome" feels, and gave me examples of what he would do.

A few minutes later, he checked out my blog and realized the reasoning behind why my social media copy was bad...

It's because I was a blogger, and writing for search engines is a different style than writing for social media.

He advised me to keep those two "personas" separate. In other words, keep doing the long-form stuff when you're blogging, but be more snappy and conversational on social media.

Then we finished the video with a Q&A session with some of the audience members.

Some of the questions included:

Q: "How long did it take me to set up this funnel?"

A: About 5 hours. I blocked off an entire Saturday and got it done.

Q: "Did you add any offer intensifiers or bonuses?"

A: Yes. The free training was about how to generate 5-10 leads per day with a blog, so I offered a 15-min blogging strategy session and free access to some private training about blogging. I put a cap at 20 people to create urgency and scarcity.

Q: "Guest blogging best practices?

A: Ask for a backlink to your homepage or most relevant page that you want to boost. And if possible, link to a squeeze page so you can generate leads.

Tons of value in this webinar, especially copywriting tips and marketing funnel advise.

If you actually wanna learn how to do this and you don't want to do it all by yourself and you want someone to guide you step by step and help you build the business with you. Click the button and grab my free training.

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