Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel That Took 1 Weekend to Launch (And Popped 17 New Sales)

Creating an affiliate marketing sales funnel is one of the best ways to automate your online business so you can have more time freedom to do other things.

In this video, I'll show you an affiliate marketing sales funnel that took 1 weekend to setup and launch (and it generated 17 new buyers for my business)


The cool statistic about this particular affiliate sales funnel template is that it turned 17 brand new leads into blissful buyers within 48 hours of them opt-ing into my email list.

See, leads are like fresh fruit, meaning they go rotten fast. If you don't turn them into buyers rather quickly, then can loiter on your list for a long time without buying anything.

This affiliate marketing funnel helps move your new lead through each step quickly, while at the same time building trust and investment.

Most affiliate marketers just want to ring the cash register and make money, but they don't create enough "yes momentum" and trust that makes the prospect feel comfortable about buying from you.

This conversion funnel does exactly that.

Each step is "selling the next click" which subconsciously builds incredible amounts of trust from your prospect.

Because I will show you how to forecast the next step of the funnel which eliminates all surprises and creative burdens off the buyer.

My mentor calls this "prophet to profit"

These subtleties is what creates a high converting digital marketing funnel.

Your leads will feel like they are in the hands of a trusted and prolific marketing expert.

Creating sales funnels is a hard skill that every affiliate marketer needs to know.

Finally, here's each step of my affiliate marketing sales funnel so you can model it and implement it within your own marketing funnels.

Step #1 – Create a short and fast-paced video squeeze page (3-min or less) that sells the viewer on “paying” for your free value (aka honey-pot) with their email address

Step #2 – Visually hand-hold your new lead click-by-click how to access your honey-pot training (HINT: This little extra touch skyrocketed my initial email open rate from 25% to 59%)

Step #3 – Craft a short pre-sell video (~5ish min) that gets them excited about the full honey-pot training (CLUE: anticipation marketing is the drug that keeps people wanting more)

Step #4 – Teach solid, useable and practical “How-To” for 75% of the video, and then sell the next step for the last 25%

Step #5 – Qualify in potential buyers using an application, and walk through each question to help them pull their own thoughts out of their heart

Step #6 – Cherry-pick through the applications and point happy paying buyers to your “acceptance page” that gets them taking fast action.

If you actually wanna learn how to do this and you don't want to do it all by yourself and you want someone to guide you step by step and help you build the business with you. Click the button and grab my free training.

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